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The Power of Immigration CRM Software: Top 5 Productive Features

By Shubham kumar | Published 2024-02-20

An immigration consultant portal is a customer relationship management system that helps agents, consultants, and advisors with lead management.

This platform also allows visa immigration consultants to manage and nurture the captured leads to scale study abroad dimensions. Unlike many other immigration CRM software available, ICRM has the following features.

The first is lead integration, which allows immigration specialists to target various channels, such as emails, Facebook, Sulekha, and more, assuring no lead leakage. Secondly, lead nurturing. As ICRM tracks all the lead activities, it allows your team to operate more efficiently rather than focusing on the nurturing part.

Another excellent feature is a cloud-based, secured database. Our platform keeps all your clients' confidential documents safe in an encrypted AWS database. In this blog, we will shed light on some of the main functionalities of a CRM system. We'll also explain how ICRM is a great choice for your immigration consulting services business.

Visa Application Tracking Made Easier

A critical question we get from all our potential clients is — how ICRM is best for tracking applications. Let us explain.

A visa application is a lengthy process. It becomes another level of complexity when it includes migrating to a different country. Therefore, the tracking process begins once the applicant has submitted their application and uploaded the documents.

In this process, our platform generates a live URL link to help consultants keep track of their students' applications. Tracking applications is a cakewalk, but not all CRMs provide this feature.

ICRM empowers visa immigration consultants with instant access to visa application tracking through a live link and auto-updates students' progress stages. You can save precious time, eliminate guesswork, and ensure smooth guidance throughout the journey. 

Emails in One Place

If you are not using a dedicated immigration CRM for consultants, managing communications becomes arduous due to disorganized emails. These emails are spread across multiple devices. 

Adopt the ICRM portal to magnify customer correspondence, eliminating confusion caused by misplaced emails. 

Store all interactions securely in one easily accessible location linked to relevant customer profiles, promoting clarity, and improving overall efficiency. 

Various Lead-List Management Features

Okay! Suppose you went into the office and had multiple leads to take care of. What will you do?

If you have a dedicated CRM at your disposal, you will know that some leads are enquiring about the admission fee, some are looking for training, and a few also have mentioned tourist visas. ICRM can help you get all this information in one interface.

In such cases, ICRMs above-mentioned feature comes into play. A multiple lead list means a separate lead list for admissions, training, work permits, and visa applications. Each lead will be pushed to its relevant funnel, starting its lead journey. 

The process doesn't end here. Maybe some clients have applied for multiple universities/colleges or they have applied for multiple countries for tourist visas. In such cases, your immigration software allows you to assign your employees with specific roles and ask them to deal with them accordingly.

Fetching and Securely Storing Documents

Gathering necessary documents from potential study abroad students poses a major challenge for consultants and agents, requiring constant communication.

Traditionally, after collecting documents submitted through multiple channels, like emails, WhatsApp, Sulekha, etc., agents must compile complete sets for each applicant manually. This difficult task typically consumes a lot of valuable time.

However, suppose you have partnered with ICRM. You can streamline your job by utilizing our immigrant consultant CRM equipped with customizable application forms. 

Bear in mind that students send their documents in PDF format directly to the channel, centralizing file storage and reducing consultants' administrative burdens. Consequently, they gain the freedom to concentrate on providing expert advice and support during the crucial decision-making phase of overseas studies.



Quick Customer Support

While powerful tools and features in immigration CRM software are vital, having reliable support options designed for users can truly enhance its value. 

Imagine facing difficulties without immediate assistance. What will you do? This will hinder your ability to fully leverage available features efficiently. That's why ICRM provides immediate and dedicated customer support services. 

Our team believes that giving importance to quick optimization or resolving clients' issues promptly is crucial. So, prompt training, regular updates, and open lines of communication encourage successful implementation and continued improvement.

Moreover, a proactive CRM provider will know the significance of catering to unique needs and preferences, offering comprehensive customization possibilities. Therefore, prioritizing customer satisfaction ensures a strong relationship between clients and us. It fuels continuous innovation and refinement. 

Final Words

Have you ever used a customer relationship management system for your immigration business? If not, have you discovered another agency's CRM helped them stay ahead of you and you are just struggling?

It's time to get ICRM integrated into your existing system. If you have read the features above, any CRM first captures and tracks lead applications automatically. And this is something that will set you apart. 

We urge you to get in touch with our experts for a free consultation. If you are positive that you will want our CRM desperately once you have a word with us.

Frequently asked question

By integrating leads from various channels, ICRM ensures that no lead is missed, allowing you to capture and engage with a wider audience. In addition, targeted marketing efforts based on lead behavior increase conversion rates, leading to boosted revenue and growth for your business.

A CRM simplifies student application tracking by generating a live URL link for consultants to monitor application status. Auto-updating students' progress reduces manual labor and increases efficiency, ensuring smooth guidance throughout the process. Traditional methods often involve time-consuming manual checks and may lack real-time visibility, making ICRM a preferred option for consultants handling numerous applications.

ICRM's customizable application forms and centralized file storage collect student documents efficiently, saving time and effort. Automated form filling and error reduction result in accurate, dependable data.
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