About Us

About ICRM

AWS based Portal build with streamline experience of immigration industry with depth knowledge of case filing and process. All data stored within platform stays in encrypted format as we value the security of data at higher priority for immigration industry

Benefits of ICRM

Efficient Lead Management:

Streamlines the process of managing leads, from initial inquiry to conversion, helping immigration consultants prioritize and follow up on potential clients effectively.

Centralized Information Hub:

Provides a centralized platform to store and access client information, application details, and communication history, reducing the risk of data duplication and ensuring data consistency.

Automated Workflows:

Implements automated workflows for routine tasks, such as document submissions, application status updates, and follow-up reminders, improving operational efficiency and reducing manual workload.

Conditional Offer Letter :

One click generation of offer letter to the student using information inserted inside the college and programme details

Enhanced Communication

Facilitates effective communication with clients through integrated Whatsapp, ensuring timely and personalized interactions, and improving overall client satisfaction.

Document Management:

Helps in organizing and managing the vast amount of documents associated with immigration applications in the chat box, making it easier to track and share essential paperwork with clients and authorities.

Analytics and Reporting:

Offers analytical tools to track key performance indicators, monitor conversion rates, and generate reports, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategy refinement.

Improved Customer Experience:

Enhances the overall customer experience by providing a seamless and organized process, reducing delays, and offering transparency into the status of immigration applications.

Secure Data Storage:

Ensures the security of sensitive client information by providing robust data encryption and access controls, helping organizations comply with data protection regulations.


Adapts to the growing needs of immigration consulting firms, providing a scalable solution that can accommodate an increasing number of clients and applications.

Time and Cost Savings:

Reduces manual paperwork, streamlines processes, and minimizes errors, resulting in time and cost savings for immigration consultancy firms.

In summary, an Immigration CRM system offers a comprehensive solution to manage the complexities of immigration consultancy, contributing to increased efficiency, improved client relationships, and compliance with regulatory requirements.